Down Payment Assistance

Not enough money saved for the down payment and/or closing costs of your dream home? No worries!

A lender can help get you qualified for the down payment/closing cost assistance programs and get you pre-approved for a home loan. They collect your credit, income and employment information and from there match you to the best program. Here are some agencies that are offering down payment/closing cost assistance:

California Housing Financing Authority (CalHFA)

Golden State Finance Authority (GFSA) -

Southern California Home Financing Authority (SCHFA)

Buying a condo/townhouse or home that has homeowner’s association (HOA) dues? There’s a grant program for that too!

(EXHAUSTED — NO GRANTS LEFT!) California Association of Realtors Housing Affordability Fund (HAF) Homeowners Association Grant Program

What to conduct your own search? The California Association of Realtors (C.A.R) offers a powerful down payment assistance search tool that can help locate available down payment and closing cost assistance programs available in the area you wish to purchase a home in (along with other criteria).

Visit to get started! Follow the steps below, click on “Learn More” on each program being offered for more information.