About Me

A Shooting Star

Everything that Shayna Nadeau has experienced in her wonderful life has given her the strength and aptitude to be a star in Real Estate.

She grew up in the San Fernando Valley and graduated in 2008 from CSUN with a Business Marketing degree. She was lucky enough as a young lady to travel to many parts of the world and see most of the USA.

Her love for sports and travel has allowed Shayna to compete in track and field at all levels. She is a workout fanatic, constantly staying in great condition by working out nearly every day, teaching WundaBar Pilates in Calabasas, working out at the gym, running and yes, hiking too.

This energetic highly motivated woman has been successful in virtually everything and anything that she has tried. A multi-talented woman who knows how to make things happen! When Shayna Nadeau turned to Real Estate it was no wonder why she became an instant Superstar!

A mixture of the will to win, endless energy, intelligence and compassion for her clients has made Shayna a standout from the start. “No excuses, just results” has always been Shayna’s mantra. If something needs to be accomplished the buck stops with her, no excuses just performance and success over and over again. There is certainly a reason why Shayna Nadeau is head and shoulders above the competition!