​Garden Tribe Demystifies Gardening


Garden Tribe Demystifies Gardening

by Elyse Umlauf
Adapted from a previous edition of The REsource newsletter

If creating a garden has been languishing on your to-do list but you’ve been too intimidated to get started, you no longer have an excuse to procrastinate.

Garden Tribe, an online gardening education spot, provides the know-how necessary to help you become a successful gardener, regardless of how grand or simple your goals are.
The site serves both beginners and experienced gardeners looking to build their skills and learn from expert gardeners.

Finding Gardening Joy
The San Rafael, Calif.-based Garden Tribe is the brainchild of Jen Long and Beth LaDove, both passionate Master Gardeners.

“Even though there are 80 million people gardening, less than one percent have training in it,” comments Long. “Everyone wants to be successful and proud of their garden and for it to be a source of joy. What stands in the way of that joy is really knowing what to do.”

Beginner Tips
Long offers four tips for the novice gardener.

1. Find local resources. The Master Gardener office in your state is a great resource for education and training and a place to learn about the plants, trees, and flowers that are appropriate to your region. “When you grow, where you are matters,” she comments. In other words, a palm tree won’t thrive during a Chicago winter.

2. What’s thriving? Look at plants and flowers that are doing well in gardens around your neighborhood. That can give you an idea of what plants to buy.

3. Friend garden center staffers. Find an independent garden center and get to know the staff. They can set you up with the right plants for your environment, give you advice about plant care, and help you with troubleshooting.

4. Embrace failure. Failure is part of gardening, according to Long. Don’t get discouraged if some of your flowers don’t bloom or you can’t grow more than a couple tomatoes during your first growing season.